Industry and EPIC

Extreme weather events are on the rise and directly impact the economy when sectors like transportation, agriculture, and retail suffer supply chain disruptions or damage to property. EPIC’s work to enable a world-class Earth prediction system will strengthen NOAA’s mission of saving lives and property by ensuring that it is possible to plan for extreme weather events and mitigate their potential negative consequences. EPIC supports NOAA in translating cutting-edge science and technology into tangible products and services. Large swaths of the economy—from transportation, to agriculture, to retail—will benefit from EPIC’s support to NOAA products and services. EPIC’s contributions also have the potential to bolster emerging economic industries, such as commercial space and aquaculture.

EPIC is dedicated to advancing numerical prediction models in support of NOAA’s stewardship and understanding of the environment. This mission provides opportunities to turn cutting-edge advances in science and technology into products and services that benefit our daily lives and keep our economy strong. Our flagship priorities, as detailed in the U.S. Department of Commerce Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022, depend on strong collaboration across federal, state, and local partners, both public and private.

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EPIC has partnered with Raytheon Space & Intelligence to ensure that it receives the best available software engineering services, user support, and technical expertise to fulfill its mission.

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EPIC will enable community modeling and the most accurate and reliable operational weather and climate forecast models in the world.