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Each Unified Forecast System (UFS) application, model, or component has its own code repository on GitHub, and each repository includes a wiki, question forums, and bug reporting. EPIC provides user support for many UFS repositories. Check out our GitHub Registration and Posting Guidelines to get started on GitHub, or learn more below about the repositories we support!

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Don’t know where to begin? Contact us on the ufs-community GitHub Discussions or by email and we will point you in the right direction!

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Explore code, user support, documentation, and developer info for each Unified Forecast System (UFS) application, model, or component.

Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application

The SRW App targets predictions of atmospheric behavior on a limited spatial domain and on time scales from minutes to several days. Access user support, documentation, and developer info here!

UFS Weather Model (WM)

The UFS WM is a prognostic model that can be used for short- and medium-range research and operational forecasts. It can be run in atmosphere-only mode or coupled with additional components, such as wave or ocean models.

Unified Post Processor (UPP)

The UPP software package generates useful products from raw model output. UPP output can be used directly by visualization, plotting, or verification packages and in further downstream post-processing (e.g., statistical post-processing).

Land Data Assimilation (DA) System

The Land DA System is an offline version of the Noah Multi-Physics land surface model used in the UFS Weather Model. It uses JEDI DA software to apply the LETKF-OI algorithm for snow DA. 

Unified Workflow (UW) Tools

UW Tools help automate common tasks in standard numerical weather prediction (NWP) workflows. The uwtools software package also includes drivers to automate the configuration and execution of UFS components. 

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