Students and EPIC

EPIC seeks to build a community of modelers and engineers who can improve operational modeling systems. As the next generation of Earth systems scientists, students will compose a large portion of the user base. EPIC must leverage the diverse talents of students across the Nation to accelerate research to operations. 

Here are ways for students to sharpen their geoscience skills and become part of our UFS community.

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A student working on a research vessel adjusting the hose to an underwater submersible
Graduate Student Test banner

Test-Drive the Unified Forecast System (UFS)

Test-drive the UFS by taking the Graduate Student Test! It’s free and gives you the opportunity to experiment with the same weather model used by forecasters at the National Weather Service. Two big bonuses after you take the test: (1) your feedback can help improve the Weather Service models, and (2) you become a member of the UFS community, a group of people including the best forecasters and earth scientists (and now you, too!).

Bite-Sized Science

Are you interested in exploring possible research topics in the weather domain? Or interested in sharpening your weather-related trivia skills? Then the Bite-Sized Science playlist from NOAA and the Weather Briefly playlist on YouTube is for you. From hazardous weather, hurricanes, and radar to air pollution, these playlists have it all. 

"Bite-Sized Science" text written in chalk next to NOAA logo with bite marks.
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UFS Knowledge Base

If you have no idea where to start with the UFS but know you want to be involved, look no further than the UFS Knowledge Base. The knowledge base includes useful content such as the phenomenal Dr. Hendrik Tolman presenting at TEDx Georgetown on weather innovation. It also includes educational materials about model development and helpful get-started videos created by our friends at the Developmental Testbed Center. With this information, you’ll feel up-to-speed in no time!

Learn More About the EPIC Program

EPIC will enable community modeling and the most accurate and reliable operational weather and climate forecast models in the world.