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The Scientific Graphics Toolkit (SGT) facilitates easy development of platform independent, Java applications to produce highly interactive, flexible, publication quality, object oriented graphics of scientific data. Features include user settable or automatically scaled axes, sophisticated, automatically self-scaling time axes, labels as movable, customizable objects, automatic generation of legends to explain the data being displayed, and many more. SGT has been developed for NOAA's NOAAServer project, and is freely available from this web page. For convenience of use, SGT conforms to the JavaBeans component architecture guidelines. For details about SGT, please see our American Meteorological Society paper "Using JAVA Graphics to Display Ocean Observations in NOAASERVER" or OCEANS '99 paper "The Scientific Graphics Toolkit". A more technical discussion of SGT was presented to the Seattle Java Users Group in August 2000.

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Sgt is in the process of being updated and expanded. Send mail to to be notified when the new version is available.

The Scientific Graphics Toolkit was written by Donald W. Denbo for NOAA's NOAAServer Project. NOAAServer's purpose is to develop a framework and to implement a methodology, utilizing World Wide Web (WWW) technologies, which presents to the user a unified view of NOAA's existing nationally distributed environmental information databases. Send comments about the sgt graphics classes to For more information about NOAAServer see the NOAAServer Project Home Page.

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Acknowledgments: This software was developed at the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO), a joint institute of the University of Washington (UW) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), and funded by NOAA's ESDIM program.

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