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Upgrading from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0

The major incompatibility is the package name changes. The root package gov.noaa.noaaserver has been changed to gov.noaa.pmel. This was done to reflect the organization of origin rather than the project responsible for the toolkits inception. The gov.noaa.noaaserver.sgt.datamodel package was renamed to the shorted, since all the packages were renamed anyway.

Packages gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.contour, gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing, and gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing.prop added. These packages were added to support contouring, swing, and attribute editing with swing dialogs. The swing components replace and extend the awt classes which have been deprecated. The current development plan for sgt includes removing the deprecated classes from sgt.

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo older awt classes moved to gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo.awt. These classes were moved out of demo to prelude the dropping of support for awt.

Packages gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.awt and gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.util have been deprecated. These packages contain classes based on awt whose functionality has been superseded by classes in gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing and gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing.prop.

Version 1.0/Version 2.0 package comparison.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

gov.noaa.noaaserver.sgt gov.noaa.pmel.sgt
gov.noaa.noaaserver.sgt.awt gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.awt (deprecated)
gov.noaa.noaaserver.sgt gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo
  gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo.awt (deprecated)
gov.noaa.noaaserver.sgt.util gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.util (deprecated)


Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt

New Interfaces:

New Classes:

New Exception:

Classes moved to gov.noaa.pmel.util:

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.awt

Entire package deprecated support of awt will be removed after version 2.0. See gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing for replacement classes.

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.contour

Contour and ContourLine support contouring in sgt. These classes used by GridCartesianRenderer. The classes were designed so that the ContourLine would be accessible by the user application. Labeling is handled such that labels can be added or removed after the contour line has been generated.

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo

New Classes: (These classes all extend javax.swing.JDialog)

Classes moved to gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo.awt


Many interfaces and classes in this package have had methods added. These methods provide PropertyChangeEvent support and access of value and axis ranges.

New Classes:

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing

New Classes:

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing.prop

New Classes:

Package gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.util

Package deprecated. Support for awt will be removed after version 2.0. See gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing.prop for replacement utility classes.

JClassTree moved to gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.swing and Units moved to gov.noaa.pmel.util

Utility classes in package gov.noaa.pmel.util

New classes:

The SoT classes were introduced to make creating Time/Space neutral applications easier. The SoT classes are used by the AxisTransform, SpaceAxis, and TimeAxis classes.

JDK 1.1.8 compatibility.

The following classes will not compile using a jdk 1.1.8 compiler.

All the demonstration applications in gov.noaa.pmel.sgt.demo use JPane.

The following ..swing.prop classes reference JPane

While these classes won't compile using jdk1.1.8, if compiled with a Java 2 compiler they will run under jdk1.1.8 if you don't print. The swing classes haven't been tested under the jdk1.1.8 swing implementation.

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Java Version and Installation

Although most of SGT will run with jdk1.1.8 it is strongly recommended that you use that latest Java development kit available.

  1. Check your current java version using "java -version". If the version is not "1.2" or newer go to step 2.
  2. Update your java. Solaris and Windows versions of java can be found at Ports to other platforms can be found at
  3. Get the appropriate installer.
  4. Install following the provided directions.
  5. Test.

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